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CS 148 Robot Security and Safety Policy

Fall 2011

Please read, sign, and return this document to a TA either after class or during TA hours. You will not be allowed to reserve time on a robot or have your assignments graded until you sign and return this document.

This policy establishes an agreement between you and the Brown University Computer Science Department (hereafter referred to as Brown). For the purposes of this course, you may use one or more Brown-owned Turtlebot robot devices and have access to the Brown Roomba Lab (CIT 404). There is a limited number of robot devices and robot space, so it is important that they remain in good condition so that this course may operate now and in the future. You agree to be financially responsible for any devices, equipment, and facilities reserved and in use by you. This means that you agree to pay for any repairs or for the replacement of a device, equipment, or facilities that have been damaged or lost while it is checked out to you. The necessity of a repair or replacement will be determined at Brown’s sole discretion. Additionally, it is important that devices are reserved and returned in a timely manner using the cs148 calendar. This ensures that devices are fairly shared with other students.

You acknowledge that failure to properly reserve and share robots and lab space will prevent you from receiving credit for that current assignment.

Should you fail to abide by this policy, you will receive no credit for this course. Brown also reserves the right to pursue any means necessary to ensure compliance. This includes, but is not limited to prosecution through Brown University’s Student Conduct Procedures, which can result in your suspension or expulsion from the University.

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Dieses Dokuwiki verwendet ein von Anymorphic Webdesign erstelltes Thema.
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